Wow! I Think I made it

91-of-teachers-have-computer-access-infographic-3a4b23f933 We made it! Education 407 was more of a challenging course for me than I anticipated; although in hindsight, I am very thankful for how much I’ve learned. I am exiting with a much deeper understanding of several aspects of technology specific to the classroom that I was completely unaware of. Now with the knowledge of how to operate different features of Google, utilize programs to record my lectures, and navigate on the computer, I feel much more equipped to help others learn the same tools. There have been several opportunities in this class to put to use what we’ve learned and I have thoroughly enjoyed the assignments and tasks. Each one was very thought provoking and could be used in many ways for teaching in the classroom setting. Our world is becoming more and more dependent on technology and I trust this class updated me on a lot of things that will actually make life easier as a teacher.Google-Sites-Image It feels great to know detailed information about programs such as WordPress, Screencasting, and Wiki’s. I not only know background information about them, but also can create what they were designed to help build. It was very encouraging and eye opening because I wouldn’t necessarily call myself “tech-savvy.” Perhaps my favorite part of this course though was the weekly blog entries. I found in interesting to catch up on how everyone else in the class was doing and how they interpreted a certain topic. I also enjoyed the writing portion of it explaining my thoughts and my opinion on each module. It even got me interested in starting a personal blog! When I revisit the learning outcomes of this class, I recall how foreign the terms used to look and feel so thankful and blessed to look back at those same terms and be able to confidently approach each one. Overall, I am very excited to put these skills to use in my own classroom very soon!



4 thoughts on “Wow! I Think I made it

  1. Congrats Jacquelyn on your completion of the class! It feel so good to have accomplished all we did, doesn’t it? From what I can see, you did a thorough job on all of your wordpress blogs. I can just tell you will be a successful teacher someday. Good luck and hopefully we will meet again in the future!


  2. Congrats! We have made it! I am glad to have a team member like you to think positive thoughts and help one another through out this course. Although the course was 10 weeks long, it seemed like we have made a connection with everyone through google hangouts and made this class a more enjoyable interaction. Good luck with everything!


  3. You made it, Jacquelyn! Thanks so much for your persistence and enthusiasm this term. I’ve appreciated your contributions and reflections. Have a wonderful summer!


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