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Of the varieties of social media that are so prevalent in our society, I have found myself pretty removed from all of its forms. I do admit however, that when social media websites like Facebook/Twitter/etc. were first created; I was a member of most of them. When I realized so much of my time and energy was spent cultivating my personal settings, taking photographs just to post them online or message friends rather than speaking face-to-face, I realized that I was becoming dependent on social media! I prefer a much more traditional style of communication and quickly removed myself from the majority of these social networks. Although I am not the biggest fan of social media, there are several advantages as well. Keeping in contact with friends and family is one that comes to mind. Using websites such as Facebook not only promotes talking to one another but also allows one to stay up to date with other people’s lives (via photos, text, and videos).

I believe that social media has (and will continue to have) a prevalent role in education. Social media targets children at a young age and I believe it can influence how students may think or act in regards to education. I foresee social media becoming useful even in the classroom as a convenient way of communication. I am interested to see how these social phenomena will impact our future generations.

Similar to education, culture has also been affected by social media. For example, we are now able to network with people across the globe! There is endless ways to reach mass amounts of people apart from the television. With a very high percentage of people belonging to at least one social media site, messages or news can be spread at a viral rate.


3 thoughts on “Social Media

  1. First of all, I commend you for not following the social media trend. That has to be very hard! I have been on and off Facebook, etc. for many years too just for the fact that I don’t always like the idea of people checking up on me. Let’s face it, the Facebook timeline is like a scrapbook for stalkers. I do not like how everyone has access to all the things that I’ve ever posted on Facebook. It is especially bad when co-workers and potential employers are browsing your page. Social media can often lead to unnecessary trouble. Social media in the classroom would have to be highly regulated if used at all. Good points Jacquelyn!


  2. I love your video. When I watched it, one part stuck out of my mind: “In the near future we will no longer search for products and services, they will find us via social media”. It is already happening on Facebook. I shop or look at a certain website and the ads show up on the side and suggest things to buy. I did find some breastfeeding shirts via Facebook that I came across from ads and bought them, and I absolutely love them! It’s already happening.
    I too am not on social media all that much anymore. I used to be on Facebook way too much and I “didn’t have enough time” to do homework for school. I fell behind in my school work and didn’t do well in class. I realized what was happening and over a few month (I had to wean myself) I had to reduce my social media exposure so I could get back on track. I feel that social media is a win/lose and can be used in both positive and negative ways.


  3. My blog for this topic is very similar to yours although yours is much better written. I too have stayed away from social media and many times I feel that because of that decision that I have made I am missing out on being able to keep in contact with relatives who live far away. In the recent years I have moved often and I feel that I am moving further and further away from my immediate family. Family members that I used to be very close to I rarely see or speak to . I know that if I would have a facebook it would make it easier to keep in contact with them or if not at least I will know what is going on in their lives as I see what they post. However, it is not something that appeals to me. I would not take the time to take pictures of what is going on in my life and uploading them for everyone to see. I don’t fell comfortable with people knowing what I am doing, just like you mentioned in your post.


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