An ePortfolio (or electronic portfolio) may be defined as an electronic collection of evidence that shows your learning journey over time. Portfolios can relate to specific academic fields or your lifelong learning. In the educational setting, ePortfolios are being used increasingly more and more even in grade K-12. Because of the wide audience of growing interest, my attention was turned towards the reason they are so attractive in the scholastic realm. After researching deeper, I discovered several benefits for both the professional and the student when using this as a resource.

A professional ePortfolio is a selection of evidence of professional competence for a wide audience. Depending on the focus or the individual, information will vary. For example, an already established teacher may use an ePortfolio very differently than an undergrad student pursuing the medical field. Using this tool will be very useful when potential employers want to see my experience or extended resume. In other words, it is a way for me to showcase my development in my role as I pursue teaching. As I have already begun my electronic portfolio, I see the benefits for myself being just that: a way to showcase my background in education. When interviewing for jobs and positions, it will be an added attraction to give them information where they are able to see a clear visual of my experience.

Besides the pros of an electronic portfolio for myself, I anticipate using them with my students as well. ePortfolios intend to demonstrate student achievement and are developed throughout a course or program. In this process, students generate a collection of material and display it electronically. I see several possibilities and endless potential for the use of ePortfolios in my future K-12 classroom. First and foremost, I believe education is evolving and leaving the paper-based traditional education behind. I think utilizing ePortfolios will be extremely useful for students to become familiar with technology and build their foundation as they develop their education. I may assign this project to be group based or individual depending on the purpose and have students continue to reference and curate it over the course of the semester. Even as I think through this blog assignment, I am excited for the potential my students will have after I am able to teach them step by step how to create their very own portfolio!


4 thoughts on “ePortfolio

  1. Jacquelyn, I definitely agree with the idea of using eportfolios when interviewing for job positions. It is important for the employer keep in mind that eportfolios save time and paper. No one wants to store hundreds of resume papers when eportfolios are conveniently stored online for their use. I like how you added that you students would benefit from this process too. You could assign specific types of assignments to upload to their e-portfolios. This gives the students the responsibility to manage their own materials and take pride in their work as well! Good points!


  2. I agree with both of you that the eportfolio is a great tool to use for potential employers. Describing all your experiences in rich detail can be difficult during an interview for a position you really want because you might be anxious and having the resource available in an eportfolio can go a long way in describing itself while showing you can use technology in a classroom. The best part is its ability to be used in multiple platforms.


  3. I agree with you that ePortfolios have a lot of good to go with them! I did not realize how useful they were until this class and working on my own ePortfolio. I think that this tool will be a great way to keep students interested in school and another option for teacher assessment. As with what Ali said, I think that it is great that you can use ePortfolios on multiple platforms.


  4. Jacquelyn,
    I agree with everything that you have said in this blog. I said very similar things in my blog. I especially liked the image that you attached. An eportfolio is a place where you can include your professional experience, academic experience and lived experience. The more links we create between those three pieces, the better we will look to potential employers.


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