Prior to this point, I have not been exposed to screencasting from a users perspective. I have however, watched several screencasts and wasn’t even aware of the work behind it! Examples of this are hair styling tutorials, step by step cooking directions and videos for online classes including this one! I am very thankful for screencasting because it offers a variety of benefits depending on both the purpose and the user. I may use screencasts to catch up on lectures that I missed, while my younger sister may need directions on how to make a recipe. Either way, we are both utilizing screencasts and as I prepare to make one of my own, I am excited to see what goes on behind the scenes of these tutorial videos!

Here is an example of a screencast:

Screencasting can be defined as a digital recording of what is on your computer screen with a narrating voiceover. Simply put, it is a way to capture anything that is displayed on your computer screen. Screencasting has several benefits when used correctly. Specifically, for educational purposes screencasting makes class time more productive for both teachers and students. Because topics can be discussed online, teachers have the freedom to dive deeper into certain issues or answer more questions during class time. In so many words, it takes the pressure off of trying to cover and absorb everything in class. Screencasting makes lectures reviewable and reusable which is a great tool for both educators and the students who may have been present during class (or absent) and want to review what was covered.

Another educational purpose for screencasting is feedback. When students submit work, I could create a screencast for each of them to give them a response that they could access repeatedly. Similarly, if I have a student who I know will be absent ahead of time, I can create a screencast specifically for them that will cover what they miss during class.

Screencasting also provides more time in which students can work collaboratively in groups. As a teacher I may use this feature with my students to complete group work. In addition, this technology helps to engage students in learning and gives them knowledge of content before class. In the case that I want my students to have some prior knowledge before a discussion, I can create a screencast for them to view so they are prepared to give feedback and ask clarifying questions.

These are just a few of the many benefits of using this educational tool. With the ideas from the videos, I can imagine several instances where screencasting would be helpful in class. Because a wide audience can view these links, parents could also benefit from screencasting just as much as their children!

Different sources for screen casting



6 thoughts on “Screencast

  1. Jacquelyn, great thoughts on screencasting. I like how you included that not only can screencasts be a tool for the students, but for the parents as well. As I stated before in my own blog, screencasts are great to use in parent/teacher conferences to demonstrate the types of activities going on in class with their child. Also students can teach other students through their own screencasts they make. I find that screencasts are very helpful especially when it comes to math. Problems are easier to solve when the steps are easily laid out in order. Overall, screencasts create less stress in the classroom, for both the teacher and the students.


  2. Hello Jacquelyn,

    I agree with a lot of what you wrote. Screencast is really useful in its ability to meet so many different learning objectives on one platform. There are many times when you are watching a youtube video or looking at a powerpoint and there could be an additional comment or explanation that would clarify a lot of the meaning but it isn’t available, unless students learn a valuable skill like Screencasting. I also wrote on Bridget’s post that the ability for information to be readily available for absent students is very important in my opinion. Thanks for sharing!


  3. Jacquelyn, thanks for the youtube example. I would have to agree with the consensus that screencasting is extremely effective when a student is absent for extended periods of time. I can see that the more an instructor uses this tool the more efficient they can become in creating a library of useful screencasts.


  4. Jacquelyn,
    Loved your YouTube video! I agree that screencasting will be a benefit in the classroom! Screencasting also seems like it will benefit when students are out of the classroom or even if they didn’t quite understand something they can have a screencast of the class lecture to review. Screencasting seems to have many benefits for education!


  5. Jacquelyn, I also loved the You Tube video that you gave as an example! I agree with several of your comments on how it can be used in the classroom. One is on using it for group collaborations, I think it will be a useful tool in the classroom and I like how you would use it for them. Another is when you discussed that it would be a great way to communicate for an absent student so they would not miss classwork. I enjoyed your blog as you have some really good ideas that I can hopefully put into place in my own classroom one day.


  6. Jacquelyn I like your ideas especially the part where you mentioned about Feedback. Students don’t have to wait for the report card to do better because at that point it may be too late. As long as the feedback was constructive and would be something that the parents could approve of and reemphasize to their kid it is a great idea. Students, like all human beings, can get emotional and the last thing they need would be for them to think that there is evidence out there that someone doesn’t like them which unfortunately in some cases people see feedback as. But again Great insight!


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