About Me

Hi Everyone!

My name is Jacquelyn Marshall. I am a graduate of The Master’s College. Throughout my collegiate career, I participated on the Women’s Basketball team and had the opportunity to compete in the National Tournament each season. When our final season came to an end, I finally had the time to begin exploring other passions of mine. Don’t get me wrong, basketball taught me huge life lessons and took me places I otherwise could not afford. However, with the completion of one chapter, I had a lot more free time to explore so many other wonderful things that life has to offer.

I discovered my purpose: to live my life for the glory of God in whatever I do! My passion is for children, I can hardly wait to be a mom one day and raise a family with my soon-to-be husband! This passion drove me to purse teaching. To affect the lives of young children is honestly one of the greatest opportunities to me. I’m excited about this course because it marks the next step into pursuing this lifestyle!

My goals for this class are to become more proficient in regards to using programs like Screencast and SnagIt as well as to learn all the facets of electronically displaying information (to eventually use in my classroom). Like this blog for example: something completely new and unfamiliar, but really enjoyed the assignment. So overall, I’m thankful to be a part of this class and gain some insight on the technological side of education and grow with the rest of you guys that are as interested as I am!



One thought on “About Me

  1. Hey Jacquelyn! It is awesome to see another girl athlete in our class. I too played a sport, softball, most of my life and it also taught me so many life lessons that I wouldn’t typically learn inside a classroom. I am sure you can relate to that as well. Sounds like you will be a great mom and teacher one day too!


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